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Guide to Buying Your First Car

Learning how to drive is a milestone moment for most of us. And picking out our first car is a step into adulthood. It is a moment to be proud of and cherished but if things go downhill…. Well, we are here to prevent the downhill part.

There are a few things you need to consider before buying your first car. It should be classy and cool but also smooth on the road since it is going to take some time and practice to perfect your driving skills.

There are a number of factors that come in play. The first usually being your budget. Based on that you need to make a decision whether you are going to invest in a brand new car or a used one. Among other things are safety measures, fuel economy and reliability. And obviously the outlook of the car if you are into that sort of thing.

1. Start by making your mind up about what kind of car you need. What suits your needs best; an SUV, hybrid etc.

2. Get a figure down on paper. Remember, you will need to spare some of the allowance for insurance, fuel bills and servicing. There may be other unforeseeable expenses that may rise and must be dealt with. Be sure to have an estimated amount on the side and then look for a car. If you need financing, then car loans are also a good option to get started.

3. New or used? Well, used cars can save you a lot of money. If you can afford it, then a car used just for 1 year will have manufacture warranty left and you may strike a good deal.

4. Take a trip to the lot. Just look around and try not to feel very overwhelmed. Look at option within your budget.

5. Make a list of your options and then start your in-depth research. Ask friends, family or the internet. Read reviews and make a list for comparison.

6. Take a road test. Whatever research you may have done, will not come close to a trial. See if you like the feel of the car and if it is comfortable enough. You are allowed to take the car for a spin whoever and wherever you are buying from and you can still say no if you can’t get your head around it. No compulsions whatsoever.

7. A car salesman will bomb you with details and you may feel like he is speaking another language. You can ask him to break it down for you. If you don’t speak car or understand it, ask someone who does to accompany you.

8. In case of a used car, you can always negotiate a better price. Take that advantage and get a price you like.

If you are buying a used car, which in all honesty is a very good option, you need to get the car valued before purchase. A car valuation will help determine the fair value of the car based on mileage, condition and leftover warranty to make sure you are getting the best for your hard earned money. You can check out a ton of places in Manila and Quezon City and strike gold in a deal.

Remember, this process will take a bit of time so be patient. Buying a car, finalizing a loan (if needed) may take over a month or so. Don’t feel rushed into making any decisions that you may regret. Your comfort and needs top the list and chances are, there is a car out that will be everything you need.

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