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What to Look for While Buying Used Cars

Buying used cars is always a good alternative than buying new cars when you’re on a budget. But getting hold of a used vehicle in good working condition is a hassle. Sometimes you might have overlooked something only to realize that you have made a bad choice until it is too late. Here are a few things that you should look for while buying a used car.

Check the Interior and Exterior

The value of the car depends mostly on its performance but its appearance plays a good role as well. With regard to looks, both the exterior and interior glamour play a vital role. Make sure to check the leather stitches and look out for any cuts in the seats as well as the seam of the steering wheel (if any). In general, check all upholstery with a keen eye. Make sure you look out for any damages in the exterior fenders and also check if any previous dents were repaired in a professional manner. Always check the condition of the coolant pipes as well as the condition of the fan belts and the battery quality. In short, check all components under the hood.

Take the car for a test run

Performance of the car is key as you would not want to buy a car that doesn’t drive well or gives a lot of problems while driving. Always take the car for a test drive on both city roads as well as on highways. The car needs to be tested in different environments for its speed and fuel efficiency. Also, check if the transmission is good while shifting between gears. The local roads will let you know the brake conditions and the steering handling. The highway ride will show how smooth the engine runs.

Check for leaks

While doing the test run, check the car for any leaks by parking it for around a minute on the road. Then do a check for any leaked fluids on the patch of road over which you parked the car. Oil is mostly black, anti-freezing fluids are green and pink is for transmission oil. If it is transparent, it is just cooling water.

Take the car to a Mechanic for full inspection

A professional would always do a good job with his work and thus it is best to take the car to a mechanic for him to check it thoroughly. While it might burn a hole in your wallet initially, it is better than burning a bigger hole at a later point of time. A mechanic can help you figure out any hidden issues that you might have overlooked. He can also assess the car’s value based on its performance.

Check the make and model

Always check for user reviews and common problems associated with that make and model of the vehicle. You can even check for the average used prices for that car.

Find a fair purchase price

As mentioned earlier, check for prices based on the make and model of the car on multiple websites. That way you would get a fair idea of how much you can buy such a car for, even though it might be a second-hand purchase. The distance travelled by the car would be a factor, but this small research would give you a significant idea of the ballpark of the current price.

Avoid buyer’s remorse by being thorough

Never rush into buying a used car. Just because there is a good deal on a good car, you don’t have to go for it. Chances are there might be some hidden issues that the owner is not being transparent about.

By following these tips, you can be guaranteed to be happy with your new vehicle purchase. Have fun!

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