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Maintaining a Car’s Interior

For a car lover, nothing can be more irritating than driving a car with dirty interiors. Apart from the motive to keep the interiors clean, knowing how to keep the interiors neat and tidy is more essential. Maintaining the exteriors of a car and interiors of the car are quite different. Not only dirt accounts for bad interiors but also unwanted things such as plastic that can spoil your driving experience. Maintaining a clean car can also boost one’s self esteem when going to social places. Here are some tips on how to keep your interiors clean.Remove Unwanted Items:

The first step in cleaning the interiors is knowing what to remove from your car. Spend some time deciding what to have in your car and what not to. This will clear up most of the space and make your car look spacious and tidy. At the same time make sure you don’t remove the essentials such as a torch or cleaning rags.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner:

After removing unwanted items, go for cleaning the dirt in the car floor and floor mats. Most of the dirt can be easily removed using a piece of cloth and for removing dust like particles, use a vacuum cleaner designed to operate using the car’s power outlet.

Cleaning Leather or Fabric Upholstery:

Maintaining a clean upholstery reflects the cleanliness of the car. In comparison to Fabric, Leather is more easy to maintain and gives a rich look to the car. It is also easy to maintain. If you have used Fabric Upholstery, it is advisable that you clean the upholstery more often as they have a tendency to hold dirt easily. Use a moist cloth for this purpose and in case of tough stains, try using mild detergents. Make sure you clean them dry using a dry cloth.

Clean the Doors and Windows:

Doors and Windows have to be cleaned from the inside too. Some cars have speakers on the doors and hence using water generously is not advisable. There are a variety of car detergents available on the market. Use one and clean the windows and wipe it off using a dry cloth to avoid bubbles on the surface. Use a moist cloth for door upholstery.

Maintaining the Dash Board:

Dash board and the central console are to be cleaned as they are what people notice as soon as they get into your car. Avoid using much water here also as you have many electronic components. Use a velvety cloth to clean the console and the dash board.

Finishing up:

If you have used a lot of detergents on the car’s seats, it’s a good idea to open the doors and let the fresh air do the work for you. This is take away the detergent smell. Make sure it’s not done in a dusty environment.

Air Fresheners are available in abundance in the markets. Visit a good car store and the choose the right one for your car. Some are available in the form of bottles and some as cannisters than can be attached to the ac vent of the car. If you already have one, replace it as soon as it wears off.

Similarly, look for car polishes in the stores. These can do the magic for your car. Take a small sponge and apply some car polish onto it. Start rubbing in circles on the dashboard and the central console. Eventually speed up the process and make sure you give a smooth and shiny finish to the car using the polish.

Finally, install the mats and other car essentials. It is advisable to practice habits like not eating and smoking in the car. Add a garbage bag too if needed.

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