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Everything You Need to Know About Part-Worn Tyres

Maintaining a car is everything. It can get exhausting, repetitive and it is tedious. You have to keep clean, used it well, get oil changed, take it to the mechanic every now and then. Car maintenance can take a serious toll on your wallet. All those changing’s and servicing’s can be merciless.

Another thing of main concern are the tyres. They have a short lived life and need changing. Tyres need to be inspected for wear and tear every year by a professional. If we were to put a number on it, then we’d recommend to get your tyres changed in 5 years’ time. If they look like they can take some more time on the road, then you can ahead. But inspections should be on a regular interval of one year.

If it has crossed the 10 year mark, then get them changed. Even if they are in okay shape, it is time you got yourself new tyres. We know, we know, it is expensive and pricey and wallet-denting. But, here is a solution to both, the tyre problem and the budget problem.

Part-worn tyres

Yes, you read that right. Tyres that have been used slightly can be re-used. These save you a lot of money than getting a new set, altogether. The thought may be a little daunting, true. Given that you are using tyres that have been removed from other vehicles for whatever reason. But here is what you need to know. Part-worn tyres need to pass certain regulations to make sure they are road-worthy.

If these weren’t safe to use, they wouldn’t be sold since they can cause a serious threat to yourself, other motorists and pedestrians. Take a good look, it should be free of any cuts, bulges or lumps, both internally and externally.

Each of these tyres should pass the inflation test to make sure it is worth the money. They usually have a tag on them describing the condition and whether or not they have passed their regulation tests for approval of safety.

Tip: get the history of the tyres you are buying and find out why they were removed from the previous car.

Part-worn tyres may need to be changed sooner than their newer counterparts. Some may argue that buying a new set is cost effective in comparison but it solely depends on your budget at that point in time.

We know what you are thinking. Are part-worn tyres safe to use? Well, given that the case for every single tyre is different, you may want to get a good inspection and assure yourself that it is indeed safe to get back on the road. For safer measures, you can ask your regular mechanic to have a look at the tyres and assess whether or not you should buy them.

There are a bunch of used tyres workshops based in Philippines. Neuton Tires and Tire Shakk are just a couple name. They do great quality and also, the service is commendable. These stores have 4 and 5 star ratings respectively.

A quick Google search will find you the nearest store in your area and another quick Google search will assure you that you are buying the best of your money’s worth. Make sure you read all the reviews online for good measure.

With that said, you should keep an eye on the tyres once you have replaced them. You don’t need any weekly or monthly professional checking, just learn for yourself what the things to look out for are and you should be good to go.

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