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How to Change Your Car’s Gear Box

Using a gearbox, you can move power between devices mechanically. It is a fundamental component of the automobile. In a car, it has a set of metal gears that mesh together to boost torque and change the direction of the vehicle’s speed. Specific gear oil is used to reduce the friction between the metal gears, allowing them to last longer. A modern box can endure for many years, although this depends on the style of driving. A clutch, which is a plate synced to the gears, is standard equipment on all vehicles.

Manual or automatic control is available for this plate or clutch. Automated automobiles have a system that automatically shifts gears based on the vehicle’s speed. Reverse or an uphill climb, on the other hand, necessitates the use of a certain gearing slot.

Tools that are needed to change a gear box

Before you start to remove a gear box, make sure you have the right tools. These tools should be placed so that the person who is taking the gear box apart can easily reach them. To keep them near the car, put them on oilcloth. Toolset: A hammer, Torx set, sets of spanners and sockets. A Chisel for loosening the hub nuts. Pliers to hold things together.

When Should a Gearbox Be Replaced

Although gearboxes are designed to last a lifetime, depending on the type of driving, they may require repair. If one becomes worn out or its gears break, the only choice is to replace or repair it. Changing a box is an expensive undertaking; therefore, it is always preferable to have it repaired. In both circumstances, the box must first be removed. It can be reinstalled following repair. Gearboxes are often situated near the bottom of the vehicle. They will typically be located near the rear of the engine. To remove one, one must bend down beneath the car.

How to Replace a Gear Box

Draining the oil is the first step. This can be accomplished by crawling beneath the automobile and releasing the gear box’s drain plug. This is located at the rear of the vehicle. Under the drain stopper, a metal trough should be put to catch the gear oil; otherwise, the entire amount of oil will leak and contaminate the floor.

The following step is to disassemble the front wheels. This is necessary to ensure that the mechanic has unrestricted access to the box.

The third step is to attempt to disengage the gearbox. This is accomplished by freeing the hub bolts on the drive shaft. These will require some work, and it is critical to use the proper size wrench. Remove the wishbone pinch bolt next. The wishbone adjacent to the ball joints is removed using a hammer.

Normally, the gearbox is synchronized with the engine by a set of bolts in a housing. These blots must now be dislodged and eliminated. After disconnecting the drive shaft, the mechanic will have completed nearly 60% of the job. Ascertain that you have an engine jack; otherwise, the engine may collapse to the floor.

Remove all linkages and carefully take the box away from the engine. After completing the task, the box can be sent for repairs, which is a specialized task.

Putting it back together

Repairing the box is more difficult than removing it. It must be gripped firmly to secure it in the housing, and the bolts must be tightened promptly. Once in place, the remaining linkages can be reconnected.

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