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First Time Driver Checklist

Getting behind the wheel for the first time can be overwhelming. We have all been there. But with a few pointers, guidance and a reliable watchful eye, you can hit the road confidently in no time. Of course it takes some time, and we really wouldn’t recommend you to just take it down the road without proper training.

Learning how to drive is quite the milestone for most of us. The first time you get behind the wheel is when you really take a turn into the adult world and get a faint taste of freedom. But your freedom should not come risky so please make yourself aware of a few do’s and don’ts before you get started.

There are incidences of people getting too confident the first time costing them and others too much that is not worth it.
There are a certain number of things that a first time driver needs to know. Think of it like a checklist. Also, here it is.

  • Learning can be a bit of a bumpy ride. So when you hit the roads, put up a sign that says Student Driver just to give fellow motorists a disclaimer.
  • You know how before a test you need to do a bit of learning. Well, that might be a very good idea here. Studying up a bit of a theory and road rules can help. You can ask your parents, siblings or a certified instructor to help you out with that.
  • If you are nervous, don’t let that get to you too much. Everything at first can be a little nerve wrecking. It takes time (and patience) to get confident with a vehicle.
  • Just take some time to breathe in and breathe out. Do some of this breathing exercise to calm your nerves in case you are getting a little fidgety.
  • Before you get started, don’t settle for the seat. This meaning, get as comfortable as you want. Nothing fussy about that. Adjust the seat and mirrors according to your height and make sure you have a perfect view from every mirror.
  • Seat-belt. Yes, we know you have been given this lecture many, many times but it is never enough. Get your belt in place before you put your keys into ignition folks. Safety is no joke.
  • It is best to just drive with an instructor, certified or any other adult. Turn down the music (you don’t need it) and say no to your little sister who wants to take a ride with you. Just minimize all the distractions so that can learn how to drive with a clear head.
  • Although we spoke about distractions just now, it is crucial to highlight this. Turn your phone off. Cellphones are responsible for way too many accidents and really, that text is not that important.
  • An empty or familiar road is the best place to practice. Stay away from heavy traffic. You don’t want to get stuck in traffic and add road rage to your nervousness.
  • Leave the Fast and Furious tricks to Vin Diesel.
  • If you live by this, well, more like drive by this, then you shall excel at handling a vehicle. It may take some consistent practice to build your confidence but other than that, driving is easy work. Before we part, let us leave you with a few words of wisdom.

    Please remember rash driving is not cool. You know what is cool? A driver who knows his driving.

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