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5 Hacks For Keeping Your Car Awesome

Is your car cluttered, noisy, or simply troublesome often? This could be because you think car maintenance takes too long, or because you aren’t aware of some simple tips to keep your car in great shape. You can use things easily found in your household to ensure your car remains amazing, and also save money. Here are a few tricks to ensure your car is clean and organized!

Dirty Windshield? No problem, just use club soda!

When your windshield is dirty, it can impair your vision, and may lead to accidents. Cleaning it can also be a pain, but when it gets dirty, you don’t have to go to the car wash and waste your money. All you need is some club soda. Pouring or spraying it onto your vehicle, letting it sit there for about thirty seconds, then finally wiping it clean is the best way to go about cleaning your windshield. You can also use a scrubber to get rid of more difficult dirt.

Stained Carpets? Baking Soda can clean that up!
People spilling things in your precious vehicle is a sad part of life, and this can make your car look dirty and smell bad. However, the situation can be remedied pretty easily. All you need to do is to fetch some baking soda, pour it onto the stained regions, use a brush to push it in, and let it remain there over the night. The following day, you can just vacuum over the area, and this will reduce the smell. Do this again if needed to completely fix the situation.

Your car’s Chrome Surfaces looking dull? Use some cola to fix that!
Cola is a substance that is capable of great corrosive action, and you can use this to clean your car’s chrome surfaces. You can dip a soft and clean piece of cloth in cola, and then use the cloth to simply wipe down these surfaces. You need to let the cola stay on the surfaces for about fifteen minutes, and then you can get the surfaces rinsed with clean water. This will leave them smooth, shiny and looking brand new! However, you should try and get your car washed completely afterwards to remove any traces of the sugars from the cola!

The best way to reduce the dirt on your car is to wax it!
If you’re tired of wiping down excessive dirt from your vehicle, the simplest way to prevent this is to make sure that you wax your car. While this might take some time out of your schedule, in the end, it’ll be worth it, as it will make any future car washes considerably easier. Waxing a car will make it more difficult for dirt to adhere to your car and inevitably ensure that your future washes are much simpler.

Use a foam brush to clean vents and crevices!
If you’re wondering how to clean your vents and other small regions in your car there is a pretty simple way to go about it. You can use either a soft bristled brush to attack the dust in the vents, or use a foam brush. Make sure that the brush is new and clean so that it can remove dirt effectively and with relative ease. You can use these to remove dirt from smaller places and get the job done efficiently!

Thus, now you know how to make sure that your car is clean and looks great! Use these tips to be satisfied with your car and the way it appears!

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